Why Bamboo Should Be Your Material of Choice for Window Coverings

A lot of people are now looking into bamboo blinds. Once upon a time, these were unaffordable and therefore out of people’s reach. But with so many companies now offering these types of blinds, they have become a lot more accessible as well.

About Bamboo Blinds

Generally, raw and natural materials like grasses, reeds, and jute are used to make these blinds. The bamboo is added to this, and it is then weaved to create the slats. You can also customize your blinds, therefore, so that you are sure they fit in your space, as well as so that you get the color or weave that you like best.

Usually, the overall color is very natural and earthy, but they can be colored in more vibrant shades if that is what you are looking for. They tend to come in two specific styles:

  1. Roller blinds, which can roll all the way up or down to allow you to control the light.
  2. Folded or Roman blinds, which droop in layers, creating a really sumptuous look.

Bamboo is pretty good, although not the best, at light insulation. If you need them to be more insulating, then you can ask your manufacturer to add a coated layer to the blinds. This will then increase how well they insulate against the light. Alternatively, you can choose lined blinds, instead of unlined ones, which is also better at providing light insulation. You can now even get bamboo blinds with full blackout lining. These are perfect for your bedroom, keeping your room in the dark even if the sun is out.

You do also have to think about the weave of the bamboo itself, as this does have a strong effect on how much light comes in. You can choose an open weave, which lets lots of light in and is perfect for garden windows, for instance. Tighter weaves let less light in, so they are better for bedrooms. You can also ask to leave each slat with raw, ragged edges, which gives it a more natural look. Of course, it all depends on the rest of your interior décor and your personal preferences.

You’ll be happy to hear that bamboo is surprisingly easy to clean. All you really need is a moist cloth and a duster, and your blinds will last you a lifetime. Make sure you don’t apply direct water, however, as that could make the weave expand. This is also why you shouldn’t put bamboo blinds in your bathroom or your kitchen, as the moisture could negatively affect the material.

Clearly, bamboo blinds are the perfect option. They are versatile, come in loads of different styles, have plenty of customization options, and, best of all, are now really affordable as well. Plus, you’ll feel good knowing that, by using bamboo, you are protecting the planet and providing employment opportunities for impoverished communities around the world. Bamboo truly is an amazing material, with benefits that keep on coming.

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