Top Tips to Keep Your Fridge Cool as a Cucumber

It’s easy to forget that your refrigerator is a complex appliance, unless you’ve tried your hand at repairing one. No small job, it’s practically impossible to fix as a novice. That’s why it’s so important to properly maintain your fridge so that it runs efficiently and effectively at all times. There are a few easy tips to keep your fridge in optimal shape, but barring following this advice, a fridge repair technician in Toronto can always come to your rescue!

Temperature, temperature, temperature. It doesn’t just keep your food safe to eat, it also makes sure your fridge is healthy. In Toronto (and across Canada) it’s suggested that a fridge is kept at 4 degrees Celsius. This not only ensures the perishable food that it stores can keep for longer, it also makes sure the fridge doesn’t overwork itself. If set too high, the appliance can end up running for far too long, putting strain on its internal mechanics. As a result, you’ll need to call a fridge repair technician more often than usual. If you’re ever concerned that the temperature reading of your fridge isn’t accurate, place a thermometer in a glass of water and leave it in the centre of the fridge. Let it sit for one day before you check its readings.

While you closely monitor the temperature on the inside of your fridge, you should also keep an eye on the temperature around it. Keeping your fridge in an overly warm room or next to a heat source can cause it work harder than it has to. Extended strain will once again require frequent checks and repairs from refrigerator and appliance repair experts.

To make sure the temperatures in and out don’t affect each other, spend some time evaluating the seals on the door of your fridge. This material should create an air-tight seal. If it’s warped or torn in any way, it won’t be able to maintain its seal and as a result, cold air will leak out. Sometimes damage to this seal isn’t as obvious. To check for this damage, close the door on a thin piece of printer paper. If the door is unable to keep the paper upright or if the paper flutters in anyway, you’ve got a leak.

Whether there’s an issue with your fridge’s seal or there’s a larger issue causing a problem with your fridge, find and call the best refrigerator repair Toronto has to offer. A service can provide quick, reliable, and affordable repairs. When paired with these fridge maintenance tips, you can keep your fridge running efficiently and effectively.

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