Top 7 Tips for Improving the Look of a New Condo

Montreal’s new condos are among the most sought after real estate options these days. However, they do tend to look just a tad too similar to each other. Also, they tend to be on the small side, since prices for each square foot of condo space can be rather high.

Still, even if a new condo is supposed to be “move-in ready” it doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements by adding your own personal touch to it. Here are some tips you can use:

  1. Opt for lighter colors. This is a well-known design trick for small spaces, but some people haven’t gotten the memo yet. So make sure that your walls, curtains, and couch are light-colored. With light colors, a room can feel a lot bigger and airy. If you have dark floors, consider a rug with a lighter color.
  2. Use wall sconces. Lamps can take up space if you place them by your bed so you can do a bit of nighttime reading. But with wall sconces, you leave that space open for your books, drinks, or even a vase of flowers. Some wall sconces are plug-in types that won’t require extensive renovation or the services of an electrician.
  3. Pick furniture with curves. Lots of condos these days tend to feel like boxes, with lots of straight lines and hard angles. Putting in a few curves with round tables, curved back chairs, and rugs with spirals can add a bit of fun for your unit. Curves counterbalance the inherent straight lines that many “space-efficient” condos tend to have. Curved lines feel less predictable, and they’re more relaxing.
  4. Use space for double duty. There’s nothing wrong with emphasizing the optimal use of space in condos, since condos are small to begin with. Some types of furnishings should do more than one thing. A dining table can be a workstation, especially if you live alone. A couch can turn into a bed if you have a buddy sleeping over. You can also get ottomans that offer storage for various things.
  5. Pile up your books as study tables. We’re not talking about the small paperbacks you have. Instead, you can use larger books that you can stack together so you can have a makeshift table next to a living room chair or couch, or next to your bed. This saves some space in your bookshelves, plus you have interesting bits of color to decorate your living space.
  6. Use curtains creatively. If you have blinds in your condo, take them down and replace them with curtains for a more interesting look. You can get floor to ceiling curtains to give the impression of greater height. You can even hang them on bare walls.
  7. Install a floor length mirror. Again, this is an old trick to make a small room look bigger. It’s best if it can reflect a window so it can really brighten up your room. Some people don’t consider this because they think this is an expensive decorative option, but that’s not necessarily true. You can find many affordable mirrors in home good stores. Even online or sites such as Craigslist can offer you inexpensive options.

Sure, new condos can be small but, with a few useful tricks, they don’t have to feel or look it.

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