Top 5 Mattress Care and Maintenance Tips

If you’re someone who not only enjoys a good night’s sleep but actually gets it, then we’re willing to bet that you put some real time, attention and yes, money into the kind of mattress that you have. And so, being that it’s been so good to you, we’re pretty sure that you want your mattress to last for as long as possible (for the record, a good mattress can last for about 7-8 years).

Mattress CareIf you would like some tips on how to properly care for and maintenance your mattress, you’re in luck. We have provided you with a list of five things that you can do to keep your mattress looking and feeling great below:

Change your sheets regularly. Since you’re lying in our bed for several hours a night, we’re sure you can understand why it’s important to change your bedding regularly. Being that our bodies constantly shed, you want to avoid dead cells and dust mites from piling up on it. And when you change your sheets, that keeps those things from embedding into your mattress.

Purchase a mattress cover. Something that’s especially important to get if you have kids is a mattress cover. That will help to extend the life of your mattress because it will protect it from spills and “accidents” that may happen in the middle of the night. There are waterproof ones for your kids’ beds. Or you can get a pillow top or memory foam one for you.

Use an upholstery shampoo. If you need to clean a stain off your mattress, it’s a good idea to do it as soon as you notice one. In order to protect the fabric on your mattress, try and use an upholstery cleaner. Something else that you can apply is a mild detergent that is mixed with water. However, if the stain seems to be stubborn, avoid applying beach. Consider spraying some hydrogen peroxide onto it instead. It’s safer for both you and your mattress because it has far less chemicals and fumes.

Let it air dry. You might be tempted to put a hairdryer on your mattress to dry it off but sometimes that can end up being too hard on your mattress’s fabric. Our recommendation is that you allow it to air dry instead. If you decide to clean your mattress during the summertime, you can even take it outside. Just make sure to put a piece of plastic down before putting it on your driveway. That way, you can keep the outside dirt off of it.

Flip your mattress. If you have back problems, aside from seeing a chiropractor and shopping at stores like The Unwind Company for massage products, make sure that you also flip your mattress. This will help to give your mattress even wear which will ultimately provide your back with the kind of firm support that it needs. Depending on how large your mattress is, you might need to get someone to help you to do it (yes, to also protect your back). Just make sure that you flip your mattress every six months to keep it in top condition. Happy resting!

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