Tips for a Welcoming and Cosy Guest Bedroom

One of the best ways to make your friends and family feel welcome in your home is to create a cosy, welcoming guest bedroom where they can feel comfortable and relaxed. A room filled with home comforts, practical touches and cosy materials will be perfect for any guest, and ensure they have a wonderful experience whilst staying in your home. Here are a few top tips on how you can create a welcoming and cosy bedroom for your guests to enjoy.

Delicate Décor

First things first, when it comes to making a room feel warm and welcoming, it’s important to consider which colours will help you achieve this. With colours like bright red, blue and green having negative effects on your mood on an evening, you want to focus on softer colours such as beige, cream and grey, which can then be complimented by brighter colours through your furnishings and decorative touches. Neutral colour palettes are perfect for creating a calm and relaxing ambiance within a room, and they’ll ensure your guests feel relaxed and at home throughout their stay with you.

Balanced Lighting

One of the worst things about staying in a room that you’re not familiar with, is the awkward scramble to the bathroom in the dark. You never know what you’re going to bump into or stub your toe on! To ensure your guests have a comfortable and safe stay in your guest bedroom, make sure they have working bedside table lights, as you don’t want them to feel like they can’t move around throughout the night. Providing them with balanced lighting will enable them to feel more relaxed and comfortable, giving them more choice with how they want to spend their time without having to worry about keeping the main light on.

Dress the Bed

Whenever it comes to staying at someone else’s house, the one thing most people anticipate is the bed. Will it be comfortable? Will it be cosy? There’s nothing more off-putting than a hard bed with limp bedsheets that have gathered dust due to the lack of use for that room. Dressing the bed in your guest bedroom with some beautiful, thick, cosy bedding will ensure your guests have a wonderful night’s sleep and don’t want to leave! You could even go above and beyond by placing some decorative cushions and a throw onto the bed, as this will add extra comfort to the bed, whilst also adding character and style to the overall room.

Keep them Entertained

You can’t be by your guest’s side 24/7, ensuring they’re having a nice time and have everything they need. So, leaving them with some entertainment options will ensure they have plenty to do when they decide to retire to their bedrooms. Whether they nip up for an afternoon siesta, or they decide to have an earlier night, providing them with essentials such as a television, some good, classic books and even some up-do-date magazines will give the room a more personal touch, whilst making sure they have plenty to keep them occupied. It’s often hard to sleep in unfamiliar places, so a good selection of books would be a great idea for those annoying evenings when you just need something to pass the time well.

Additional Touches

There is a selection of smaller yet practical touches you can add to the guest bedroom to ensure that your guests have the best experience possible. Items such as a clock on the nightstand, mirror on the oak sideboard and a lovely selection of scented candles on the windowsill will give the room a personal feel and make it that little bit homelier.

If you wanted to go all out and create a hotel-like stay for your guests, providing them with a selection of towels, shower gel, toothpaste and a hairdryer will help provide them with essentials to ensure they have just what they need for a nice, comfortable stay in your home!

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