Stump Removal Technicians Are Cleaning up Edmonton Yards

A home is the biggest investment a couple can make. To increase the value of the investment, many homeowners will take measures to give their home curb appeal. They will keep it painted with appealing colours, build stone walkways up to their doors, and keep their yards looking in tip-top shape. They’ll keep the grass mowed regularly, plant gardens, and maintain that big old elm that made them fall in love with the house in the first place.

However, elms don’t live forever, and when they die, they have to be removed before they become hazards to your home. The leftovers of a removal are often responsible making a home look unappealing and unkempt. Unsightly stumps and branches can make the yard look sloppy. Branches hanging over a neighbour’s fence or close to utility lines also pose a nuisance. 

Don’t take pruning or stump grinding into your own hands. Handling an ax or saw can prove dangerous when trying to cut down an oak. Some try to burn the remains, which can be catastrophic, and others rent a grinding machine without knowing how to operate it properly. Trying to doing it yourself is time-consuming and potentially dangerous. It poses a hazard to your well-being and personal safety. In the end, given what it costs you in time, effort, and money, a professionally trained arborist in Edmonton could do it for less.

Stumps are a haven for pest infestation, and they can attract carpenter ants and wasps that love to make their galleries and hives hidden low to the ground. They can also wind up damaging your lawn care equipment like grass mowers or, if they’re near the driveway, snow blowers. Edmonton arborists like Chipps Tree Care are knowledgeable when it comes to stump removal and they can have it out of your lawn and chipped in no time. While their standard service grinds 4 to 6 inches below the surface, they can grind deeper if requested. Ordinarily, a 4-6 inch-deep removal is enough to let grass flourish again.

Drooping branches over a fence can make you liable if a branch breaks and causes damage to your neighbour’s house or car, or worse, injures them. Breaking branches can be the result of a storm or poor health, rotting, and weak wood. That’s why it is essential to have crowns trimmed and pruned by arborists like Chipps Tree Care. If a tree has succumbed to adisease such as Beech Bark, Anthracnose, Leaf Spot, or Armillaria Root Rot, the entire specimen must be removed. It’s not a job for a homeowner to take on alone, especially if it happens to be an elm. Edmonton has very strict rules regarding the removal and maintenance of elms in order to prevent DED from affecting the local population. Stump removal experts in Edmonton are familiar with the proper procedures for dealing with dead elm wood. Be smart, be safe and be a good neighbour. Let an expert arborist handle your landscaping needs.

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