Often Overlooked Home Maintenance Problems You Need to Tackle Soon

You probably lose track of how many home maintenance tasks you perform every week because they’ve become so familiar and done almost automatically. Cutting the grass, cleaning the gutters, and repainting faded surfaces are all things people do regularly to keep their homes functional and visually pleasing. Even if you’re staying on top of all those necessities, you might be overlooking some things that could cause major problems if they’re not addressed.

Abnormally High Water Pressure Due to Faulty Valves


Plumbing systems are fitted with pressure-reducing valves that keep the water flow at the proper level. If those valves are not working correctly, the problem might harm your pipes, do damage to appliances that use the water supply, and cause you to pay too much for residential water usage.


A test to check water pressure is easy to carry out and you can do it after purchasing a special gauge from a home improvement store. Usually, these tools attach directly to the spigot. Not all homes have pressure-reducing valves but if yours does and they are not working as intended, that could be because the installed parts are too old and have failed due to age.

Dirty Refrigerator Coils That Compromise the Unit’s Efficiency


Your refrigerator is probably one of the hardest-working appliances in your home. However, if it’s not maintained properly, it might not be as efficient as it should at cooling down foods and beverages. The refrigerator’s condenser coils are especially crucial because they release heat to keep the inside of the unit consistently cold.


You should clean the condenser coils at least twice a year. However, the coils, which are usually located at the bottom of the refrigerator or on the back, can become dirty very quickly if they get clogged with pet hair, dust, and cobwebs. Do periodic inspections to determine if cleaning them more often is best.


This task is easy to perform once you buy a coil brush at a hardware store. It attaches to your vacuum cleaner. Always unplug the refrigerator before cleaning the coils or doing anything else to keep the unit working well.

Garage Doors Characterized By Too Much Friction


Besides your front door, the garage door is likely one of the other most frequently used doors in the home, especially if you come and go a lot. If a garage door starts to become hard to move up and down, that could be happening because there’s too much friction associated with the internal components.


If you don’t fix this common problem quickly, the garage door’s parts may break. That’s especially a potential risk if you usually have to put a significant amount of force on the door to move it.


A garage door lubricant is a good liquid product to apply at least annually. Most lubricants come in spray-top containers, so they are easy to apply. Just be sure to protect nearby walls and carefully read the product instructions to learn which parts of the garage door are suitable for the spray.

Heating or Cooling Systems That Are Rarely or Never Serviced


Your home’s heating and cooling systems are arguably some of the most essential for your comfort and that of the other people in the household. However, you might be in the habit of only getting a technician to look at your system after you’ve identified a problem. That’s a very risky practice.


Companies such as Wagner HVAC can fix repairs and carefully maintain climate control systems so they work swiftly and keep utility bills low. It’s ideal to service home heating and cooling appliances on a schedule that’s recommended in your owner’s manual or otherwise suggested by a professional.


The information above might have been very enlightening. You now have knowledge that keeps your home in better shape.

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