Neighborhoods with the Best Restaurants in Montreal

Montreal is one of the largest cities in Canada, and for foodies it’s always an exciting place due to the many excellent dining options available. However, it can get pretty irksome if you have to go to the other side of the city just so you can visit your favorite restaurants. That’s why for foodies looking at Montreal real estate listings, the neighborhood should have plenty of terrific dining establishments that can be reached by a short drive or even a short walk from your home.

If you’re a foodie with a penchant for eating out, here are the most convenient neighborhoods to live in:

  1. Mile End. This is probably the most popular neighborhood for dining out in the whole city. It’s an area with a long history of fantastic dining establishments, and newer restaurants continue to uphold that terrific tradition. There’s probably never going to be a time when Mile End is no longer considered a trendy place for foodies. Here you can find venerable places like Wilensky and Beautys alongside establishments like Buvette Chez Simone, Aux Vivres, Lilli.Co, and Lawrence. It’s a sumptuous dining scene that just makes it the ideal place to live in if you’re a foodie.

  2. Mile-Ex. For many years, Mile-Ex was an industrial area that didn’t even have an actual name. Now it’s one of the most exciting places in the whole city, with factories filled with art shoulder to shoulder with restaurants and cafes. The name “Mile-Ex” for the area was used because it was the name of the restaurant that opened there back in 2012.

Aside from Le Mile-Ex, you can try out the Restaurant Manitoba, the Dinette Triple Crown (which may send you to eat at a park across the street), the Dépanneur Le Pick Up (order the pulled-pork sandwich) and the hip Alexandraplatz bar.

The Jean-Talon Market is also nearby, and that’s great if you want to prepare your own food. Here you can find farmers and artisans offering their samples of their produce.

  1. Saint-Henri. Here you have places like H4C, Ludger, and Tuck Shop, which have continued to deserve the accolades and the patronage of foodies all over Montreal. Visit Sumac or Satay Brothers if you’re looking for some adventurous ethnic dinners. For fancier fare without having to dress up too formally, a trip to H4C or Tuck Shop is definitely warranted. The truth is that if you’re looking for a specific dish or cuisine to taste, you’ll find it here in Saint-Henri.

  2. La Petite-Patrie. Here in this neighborhood you’ll find new cool restaurants that offer playful dishes with a hint of experimentation. The food is reliably great, without the pretentiousness that some foodies try to affect. You’ll need to visit Beaufort Café and Yisst, and then you should also try Café Regine and Santa Barbara.

  3. Plateau. This area has been the favorite place of artists and writers. Since most of these folks aren’t exactly very rich, the places here mostly offer more affordable menus. Still, you do have lots of different cuisines to choose from, so you can visit Romados, Saint Sushi, and L’Avenue. Else’s and Arepera du Plateau also require a look as well. If you’re hankering for terrific Afghan fare, you can try Fenêtre Sur Kaboul though it can be a bit expensive.

  4. Old Montreal. If you have the budget, then Old Montreal will have the excellent dining fare and the bill to match. The most prestigious and oldest of the Montreal fine dining restaurants are located here, including Toqué! and Le Club Chasse et Pêche.

So why stick to your couch and pizza delivery? If you’re a true foodie, live in these neighborhoods and enjoy the fine dining for many years to come. But wherever you may live in Montreal, at least you know that there’s likely to be a great restaurant nearby waiting for you to discover it.

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