Modern lights for your home

Tala creates decorative light bulbs perfect for creative lighting installations and to spice up any dull old lamp in need of new life. However, it is not only bulbs in pretty shades from oval to the classic pear-shaped bulb. They also come in long tube forms, have flat tops, mat glass – there is no limit to the creativity of Tala. Yet, these wonderfully decorative lightbulbs need a perfect place. And what is more perfect than a pendant in a minimalistic and stylish look?


Tala, of course, makes pendants for their beautifully crafted bulbs, and you will not be disappointed. The pendants are just as magnificent. You can find Tala pendants in beautifully matured oak, dark and exclusive looking walnut and pretty basalt. Each pendant is designed not to steal focus from the decorative bulbs. All the bulbs are LED bulbs and most certainly unlike anything you might have seen before. The lighting is soft and absolutely unique. The brand has optimised the glowing bulb to LED but managed to keep the decorative look.

Tala – great design and vision

Tala has a great Scandinavian vibe to it due to natural materials and minimalistic traits, however, the brand is in fact of British origin, and the bulbs also have a great reference to the more decadent art deco style thanks to the decorativeness of the bulb itself. The company is founded by a group of students in Edinburgh. They all had a great passion for design, sustainability and technology. They agreed that there had to be a way to optimise light sources without compromising on style – and they found it. The answer was LED bulbs. Everything slowly came together and the students created Tala: A brand aiming at optimising light via LED lighting while always having style and sustainability in mind.


The production method focuses on technique and quality. Every single part of the bulb has been created with the thought of creating a modern, homely and inviting atmosphere suitable for every home and every occasion. Tala aims at being carbon neutral, something which makes this brand into something quite unique. Do you want to learn more about Tala, or perhaps check out the collection? Then you should go to Tala lighting, and let yourself be seduced by the wonders of lighting. 


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