Lighting Up Your Home with Affordable Ceiling Lights

The importance of proper lighting can never be overemphasised. A well-lit room does not only look brighter but it also appears cleaner. It’s amazing what a huge difference a small element such as ceiling lighting can bring to your home.

Long ago, the lighting bit was not taken seriously when designing a house. This however changed with the advancement in technology and the sophistication of people’s tastes and preferences. The emergence of career options such as interior design has also played an important role in transforming the industry.


When designing your own ceiling lights, you need to be spot on as any flaws can easily be noticeable by anyone within the vicinity. Ceiling lightings are one of the most important areas in as far as home lighting is concerned. When properly fixed, your overhead lights can be a great way of setting a perfect mood and creating the right atmosphere for you and your visitors.

One thing that we can all agree with is that in every room within your house, you need ceiling lighting. That said, there are many different types and styles of ceiling lighting that are available for one to choose from. Ceiling lighting usually act as the main source of a room’s light hence the need to ensure that they are properly taken care of.


The different overhead lighting styles

As mentioned above, ceiling lights are available in different styles which include; hanging lights, recessed lights or flush mounted style.

Some of the best ideas to consider when setting up your ceiling lighting include; considering a multi-light pendant in the kitchen, a bold chandelier for welcoming your visitors in the foyer or using a mini-chandelier over your dining table to illuminate the entire table.

Another common style is the flush mounted light style which is perfect for a small bedroom as it acts as the main focal point.

What are some of the different types of ceiling lighting? 

In as far as ceiling lighting is concerned, they are available in different colors, materials and even different styles that can fit perfectly with your taste and preferences. In as much as ceiling lights are available in different types, they are also designed to serve different purposes. There are those that are designed with the capabilities of diffusing light around a room while there are those that are meant to direct the light downwards to a working area.


a)     Ceiling fan light fixtures

This type of ceiling lighting doubles up as both a light fixture and a fan. The fact that it is equipped with a fan makes this type of ceiling lighting type suitable for every room. The ceiling fan lights are best suited for warmer climates as they help in the circulation of air. To add a bit of flare, the ceiling fan lights can be decorated with rustic décor or tropical décor.

b)     Fluorescent ceiling lights fixtures

They are probably the most common type of ceiling light fixtures. In most cases, they usually appear in rectangular shapes which enhance their ability to hold florescent tubes. The fluorescent ceiling lights are normally attached to the ceiling directly. They are very economical to use and install hence could explain why they are very common in rental apartments.

c)      Chandeliers 

Chandeliers are just a beauty to look at. They tend to hang down from the ceiling and all of them are equipped with multiple light bulbs and other decorative features which make these types of ceiling lighting a beauty to have. They are suited to be installed in the dining room. Once fixed, chandeliers provide room for easy adjustment to accommodate the table below.

d)     Pendant lighting

This type of ceiling lighting serves as a great way to light up any space. They can be used in virtually any space ranging from the dining room to the kitchen island.  The influence of pendant lights has grown immensely ever since their introduction in the late 90’s. They serve as a great way of bring light closer to your working area.

e)     Recessed lights

Recessed lights are also sometimes referred to as canister lights. They are equipped with metal canister and a bulb. Both of these are housed within the ceiling. They can be installed in the living room or in the family room.  

Michele Duchet is an Interior designer at in NJ, USA and she works with schools and homeowners to help create a safe an elegant home decor, that feature lighting with a variety of lights and lamps .

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