Laminate Flooring for Kitchens and Bathrooms What has changed?

Can you use parquet or laminate flooring when remodelling the bathroom or kitchen? In the past, the answer was, no, because of the harmful effects that humidity can have on this type of flooring.

But, today, we can find waterproof laminate floors which allows us to express our own personality in our kitchen and bathroom.

What has changed?

Laminate flooring used in the kitchen or bathroom is different from that in other rooms in the house.

New materials and technologies can now repel moisture, which drastically reduces leaks. And on the other they are much more stable in the presence of water. For example, high-end floors use high-density water-repellent fibre boards as a base. These fibres have better resistance to water. Also, these high-density boards have a very low rate of water absorption.

Larger widths for each piece reduce the number of joints to a minimum. Keep in mind that in the case of water leaks, these will occur in the joints between pieces. If there are fewer joints, it is less likely there will be leaks.

More efficient anchoring systems against leaks. Some incorporate thin plastic tabs that offer an extra barrier. Others include products like resins or waxes to add impermeability.

The insulating base used also plays an important role. This is something unnoticed by many, because after the installation it is not visible.


Laminate floors offer various benefits compared to other alternatives for kitchens and bathrooms:

Faster installation and without the need for major works. The installation of laminate flooring does not need construction work and is fast. So, the expenses in personnel and auxiliary materials are much lower. Installing laminate flooring in the kitchen or bathroom involves more steps. But it is still simpler than other flooring options.

Designs which are much more attractive and varied. There is a wide range of finishes from which to choose to achieve the style we are looking for. From floors that imitate wood or stone to others that give a metallic impression.

A cheaper solution. The installation is faster and easier. This means significant savings in labour. Also, the raw material is cheaper.

Recommendations for laminate flooring for kitchens and bathrooms

Modern laminated flooring now incorporates the necessary features so that its use in kitchens and bathrooms is not a problem. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations about installation, maintenance and cleaning.

Each manufacturer provides specific instructions for installing laminate flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. These have to do to a large extent with the perimeter seal and the correct use of raw materials.

More homeowners now prefer to use high-quality laminate flooring when they remodel their bathroom or kitchen.

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