How to Pick a Basketball Team to Support

So you have just started to get interested in basketball and  you want a team to support, how do you go about it? This is of course going to be a very personal decision to you and it is important that you take some time thinking about which team you are going to go for, as they will be your team for life. American sports are interesting because unlike many sports, it is hard for a particular team to reign supreme for a long period of time. This means that whichever team you pick, there will be ups and downs. To help you pick the team that you want to support, here are some factors to consider.


The Best


There are many people who just want to support the best team, glory hunters as they are sometimes called, and there is nothing wrong with that.  Again you must remember that even though a team is good now, that may not stay the same for a long time. A great way to find the best NBA team is to look at Novibet and see who is has the shortest odds to win the Championship, the bookmakers rarely get it wrong so this will be a good way to find the best team in the game right now.




Most people who don’t have a particular basketball team which they support will instead simply attach to certain players who they like, and this could also be a great way to pick your favorite team. For example if Lebron is your guy then the Lakers could be a good shout, perhaps you like the way James Horden, plays, or Kyrie Irving, whoever it is then you could simply support the team they play for, and double up your support for them. You could also think about players who have historically played for teams, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Jordan, whoever it is, you could also go for the team that they played for.




Something which I’d also recommend taking into consideration when picking a team is the characteristics which surround the team. For example you may not want to go for a team which has all the money and the status of the Lakers, or the global support of a team like Boston. Perhaps you prefer the underdogs, those looking to do things differently. Alternatively you may wish to go for a team which has the best support like the Raptors. Think about what you expect from a team who you support and then find the NBA team which will deliver on that for you.




Finally you can think about location, perhaps your home team or a team from a city which you love, this can also be a helpful factor in your decision as to which team you will be supporting from now going forward.


Weigh up all of these considerations and make your choice carefully, as it will be for life.

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