How to Measure Roller Blinds Properly

If you want to install roller blinds properly, you have to measure them the right way first. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and make sure you have a (preferably metal) tape measure to hand as well. Ready?

Measurement Units

Although you may live somewhere that uses feet and inches, you should always measure using the metric system, sticking to millimeters.

Where to Measure

If you have a standard window, you can install your roller blinds in one of two areas. You can choose between the window recess, or the window face. Roller blinds can fit either into the top of the recess of the widow, or to the face of the wall or window frame itself. This means you get to decide where you want to position your blind. The position you choose will depend what you have to measure. As such:

  • In a recess, you have to make sure that the inside of the window frame is deep enough to hold a blind. It should be at least 75mm. If it is smaller, your blind will protrude, so it will be better to hang it on the face instead. Start by measuring the width of the recess itself, working from the top of the window. You will fit the brackets in this location. Make sure you measure in two other locations as well, just in case your window frame is not exactly square. Take a note of the shortest of the three measurements and then take off 10mm on both sides. This way, you will have some variation and your blinds won’t get stuck against the frame. If you want a complete blackout, then you should attach your blind to the face of your window. Next, you need to measure the drop of your blind, which is the top to the bottom. Take three measurements again, and remember the shortest one. Most roller blinds come with a stopper, which means that you don’t actually have to roll it all the way down in order to cover your window. As such, some people would suggest that it is better to remember the longest measurement for the drop, so that you know your blind will always fit.
  • For a face measurement, you need to first decide exactly where you want your blind to be. It is best to have an overlap of between 50mm and 100mm on both sides of the window. This will stop a gap from appearing on the side of your blinds. This is also necessary if you want to create a complete blackout. You only need the measurement at the point at which you will actually hang your roller blind. You also need to decide up to where you want your blind to come down and measure that drop.

You now have all the details you need in order to buy your blinds. All blinds are sold in millimeter measurements, and you only need to find one that fits in with the measurements you took. If you can’t find any that fit, particularly with a recessed fit, you may want to choose roller blinds that you can cut to size, or opt to hang them on the face instead.

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