Home Decor: Define Your Style with the Perfect Kitchen Faucet

Your kitchen is the focal point of your home and in turn the faucet adopts a starring role as the focal point in that kitchen.


This is why choosing the right style will be crucial to getting the look and feel in your kitchen so when it comes to kitchen faucets, you need to take your time checking out which model and design is just right for you.


Getting started


The kitchen faucet’s function and purpose is to dispense the hot and cold water you need for various tasks, but it obviously goes way beyond that basic requirement when trying to define what style of faucet would suit best.


As you will soon discover, there is a pretty overwhelming choice of designs available and you will have to start eliminating some of them from your search by deciding whether you want and old or new style and then move on to aspects like choosing the right functionality, finish and mounting style.


Choosing a mounting style


If you are replacing an old faucet rather than starting with a new kitchen, you will need to pay attention to the existing sink hole arrangement and check how many mounting holes it has.


New faucets are available in anything between one and four hole varieties, but you can look out for a new faucet which comes with an escutcheon plate. This is a deck plate that will enable you to cover up the unneeded sink holes.


An escutcheon plate is a good option if you want a hassle-free way of seamlessly replacing your old faucet although it may well limit your style options.


You could choose a deck-mounted faucet, and this instantly offers you a more contemporary look to your kitchen, although they could take up space on the countertop and could attract dirt and grime between the faucet and wall if you don’t leave enough space to be able to clean properly.


Choosing a faucet style


The style of faucet you choose will clearly have a big impact on how the focal point in your kitchen attracts the eye.


You might decide that a widespread faucet works well for you or alternatively, you might prefer a center set faucet with either dual or single control.


Think about how you use your sink and try to match the faucet style that offers the best layout and style to meet those needs.


Choosing a finish


If you are looking to achieve a more unified look in your kitchen, a good tip would be to choose a faucet which has a finish that matches your cabinet hardware.


Regardless of your budget, you should be able to find bronze, chrome and nickel or stainless steel faucet’s which fall within your required price point.


Don’t forget the handle


Most kitchen faucets have either one handle which rotates directionally to offer you hot and cold water or two handles so that you mix the two together to get the right temperature.


You might also want to consider a hands-free faucet, which will add a new dimension to your kitchen and some even come with a temperature and volume control, which is a great safety feature for family homes and for seniors who might need a bit of assistance operating a manual faucet.


One thing is for sure, whichever faucet you choose, it will go a long way to defining your kitchen style.


Irene Middlebrook is a home decor and design consultant. She loves writing about her experiences in the field. Her articles can be found mostly on home improvement websites.


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