Getting your home ready for the holiday season

In keeping with the holiday spirit, no home would be complete without festive decorations. Nothing puts festive cheer in the air quite like gathering the whole family together to deck the halls. Done right, it can be a fun bonding experience that even children can enjoy.

Working with a plan

Before hauling the Christmas decoration boxes down from the attic, it is important to have a plan of action. This helps to ensure that all the tasks that need attention get done before guests arrive. First of all, homeowners need to start by cutting the clutter in various rooms. This involves going from room to room, emptying drawers and closets, and figuring out what needs to be kept, given away, or thrown out.

Next, comes the cleaning. Giving all rooms a thorough cleaning before putting up decorations adds an extra sparkle to the house. Bed linen, table cloths, curtains, and carpets should receive extra attention to ensure that no embarrassing stains are present.

Once this is finished, the family can proceed to the fun part.

Decking the halls

While it might be tempting (and quicker) to just place ornaments and figurines randomly around the home, it is better to have a decorating plan. Homeowners can select a color scheme or holiday theme to stick to depending on their tastes and budget. Thankfully, there are lots of websites and blogs filled with holiday gifts and décor inspiration to help those who might be stumped on what to get.

After the decorations have been purchased, it’s time to decide what goes where. For instance, homeowners can put up a miniature tree or nativity scene in the entryway. This way, guests will feel welcome right from the minute they enter the house. Boughs of holly can be put on all doors, while sprigs of mistletoe can be hung from doorways for those who want to steal kisses.

The living room or lounge area should look its best since this is where most of the entertaining will be happening. The traditional holiday color scheme of red, gold, and green can be switched up for a more customized palette that suits the rest of the room’s décor. Decorative ornaments and accessories can be used to introduce pops of color to break the monotony in the room. Additionally, garlands can be hung from window to window or from chandeliers and bannisters in the home. Alternatively, people can make their own garlands by twisting different-colored chunky yarn and hanging them up.

The Christmas tree is usually the centerpiece of the holiday season and decorating it should be an all-inclusive family affair. Festive lights, ornaments, and figurines can be arranged about the tree to give it a magical feel, while wrapped presents tastefully arranged around the base would perfectly complete the look. Those who are short on time, cash, and space can purchase pre-lit artificial Christmas trees instead of the natural pine ones.

There are hundreds of ways to decorate the home in preparation for the holiday season. However, people shouldn’t be so caught up in cleaning, cooking, and decorating that they forget that the real point of the holidays is to spend time with their loved ones.

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