Clever Storage Ideas at the Heart of Your Home

At the heart of your home there will generally be a lot of activity and buzz going on, and for many homes this happens in the kitchen. The kitchen should be embraced and not avoided, but where do you start?! It can easily become overcrowded by all the things you may have collected over the years to help you in your cooking, but these are some easy ways to improve the way you store and organise everything.

  1. Transparent containers

These are an ingenious investment as they allow you to organise all those dry cupboard foods such as pastas and lentils, so that you can see them straight away and how much is left of each. This will also help you to keep costs down on your weekly food shop as you won’t be buying things you don’t need to top up on. It also really helps to buy containers which have white labels on them that you can write on, this makes this system practically fool proof.   

2. Designate a spice drawer

Having all your spices in one place will mean that you won’t be wasting any more time rifling through your cupboards whilst you’re cooking, as this can lead to burnt food disasters! It also looks the part when you line them all next to each other, because even if you are no expert chef, at least you will look like you have some idea! Having a good collection of spices will really encourage you to practise cooking as well as they make such a difference to a simple meal such as a chilli con carne.

3. Use drawer dividers everywhere

There are so many uses for drawer dividers in your kitchen units and this can quickly eradicate the issue of devices being so quickly forgotten when they cannot be obviously seen. For example, tray dividers in your kitchen units will make accessing your cupcake trays, chopping boards and other similar shaped items effortless and they will be sorted out separately. Other places you can use drawer dividers are utensil drawers, gadget drawers and even for your serving sets as this will organise them collectively.

4. Use interior shelving fittings

If you have any corner cabinets or any other hard to reach places, then revolving interior shelves may be a great option for you. They offer the ability to hide and store away your items such as pots and pans which, on-show can ruin the effect of the intended style for your kitchen. There are also other ways to improve the minimalism of your kitchen through better storage fittings, for example, lift up cabinets on your worktops can conceal your small appliances like toasters.

5. Adjusting shelving

For your kitchen units that may already have shelves installed, you can simply adjust the heights of them to help store items better if they aren’t fitting much in them. For example, having lots of shallow shelving will not always be suitable when you have taller utensils to fit in and doing this will definitely utilise the space more desirably. This is also true for longer taller kitchen units, it is best to use these to shelve and store your pantry foods as it is more effective to have these on show at eye level so you can see them easily.

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