5 Smart Options for your New Shower Cubicle

Are you replacing your shower enclosure? There are many reasons for a shower cubicle replacement, from the need for more space to the decision to upgrade to a fancier model, from the need for a newer cubicle to a full bathroom refurbishment. Whatever your reason for change, you will need to find the best new shower cubicle possible. Take a look at these ideas for shower cubicle shapes and designs to help you pick your ideal option.

Your New Shower Cubicle: What to Consider

You will first need to decide on a budget for your shower enclosure since you can spend a lot of money or a little on this purchase. And you will also need to know how much space you are dealing with since certain enclosures are better for smaller spaces while others will be more suited to large rooms. Do your research and find out exactly how a cubicle will fit and look in your room before you make your purchase out of one of these main options.

1. Basic Cubicle with Doors

If you are opting for a freestanding shower cabin there is a lot of choice in terms of classic shower cubicles that have fitted doors, which may slide or fold. You can find different cabins to fit in corners and small cabins for small bathrooms.

2. Quadrant Shower

Shower cabin choices also include the quadrant shower which is a good option for space-saving since it is a modern shape and ideal for small bathrooms.

3. Steam Shower

This is a luxury option for your shower cubicle and it combines the convenience of a shower with the opulence of a steam room. A steam shower gives you the benefits of steam as well as a lot of different features like lighting, and even music.

4. Walk In Shower

Walk-in showers are ideal if you don’t like stepping into a shower or bath and they can look very luxurious and modern. You also have much more space inside so they are a great option for larger bathrooms.

5. Wet Room

A wet room is a very special kind of shower enclosure and provides a large amount of space for showering since there are no enclosing walls. You can fit a screen to protect, for example, a toilet from splashes and to provide some more warmth when using the shower. Wet rooms are a highly popular choice for luxurious bathing.

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