5 Preventative Summertime Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

Preparing your home for the summer months includes some maintenance and preventative measures. Since lots of time is spent outdoors, you will need to protect your home from allowing in unwanted pests. Here are 5 preventative summertime pest control tips for homeowners.

  1. 5 Preventative Summertime Pest Control Tips for HomeownersKeep your yard and lawn clean and well kept. Pests will often breed in these areas if you allow them to get out of control. Once they breed here, they are more likely to make their way into the comfort of your home. To keep pests away altogether, be sure to mow the grass, rake up leaves, remove any still standing water, and trim shrubs and tree branches.
  2. In the summer, it is often nice to open the windows to let in a cool breeze. Unfortunately, doing this with a regular window can allow all sorts of pests inside. Instead of sacrificing breezes, install screens on all windows and doors to let in air, but not the unwanted bugs! In addition, make sure windows close shut tightly and be sure to also close doors completely. Pests are looking for comfortable places where they can find food and shelter, so they will jump at the opportunity to enter your home through these gaps and spaces. Also, try using caulk around windows and doors to seal holes or cracks that may have developed that can also let in pests.
  3. Protect your outdoor pets. If your cat or dog ventures outside, they could potentially bring in pests and bugs with them when they come back inside your house. Be sure to appropriately give your animal flea and tick prevention medication to keep these pests at bay, keep your feline or canine friend healthy, and also keep your home pest free!
  4. Clean up after yourself. In the summer, lots of time may be spent outside having picnics. Be sure to clean up all food right away and avoid leaving anything out for extended periods of time since this will attract bugs. You can practice the same caution inside your home by never leaving out food. Always put items in the fridge, in sealed containers or in cabinets.
  5. Use pest protection for yourself and your family. Keep mosquitos and ticks away from you and reduce bug bites by using and effective bug spray, which acts as an effective repellent. You can also light citronella candles when outside for a more natural way to keep pests at bay.

Enjoy plenty of fun in the sun and outdoors this summer without worrying about pests! To prevent pests in your home, clean up your yard regularly, install window and door screens to enjoy a cool summer breeze without the bugs, use Powderpost Beetle Control Treatments and Spray, protect your pets with flea and tick medications, avoid leaving out food, and use a pests prevention spray for yourself and your family members whenever spending time outside. All of these tips will help you to effectively and proactively keep pests away so that you can enjoy a clean, safe, comfortable pest-free home all season long!


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