5 Effective Ways to Prevent Your Basement From Flooding

For a lot of homeowners, a strong rainstorm only means one thing: basement flooding. When it comes down to it, even a small rainstorm can cause flooding, especially if your basement is particularly susceptible. Not only can excess water in your basement be frustrating – it can also be incredibly damaging. Water damage can destroy your personal belongings and it can start to erode your foundation walls. If this is the case, you want to make sure that you find ways to prevent basement flooding from happening in the first place. Here are five effective ways to prevent your basement from flooding.

  1. Prevent Your Basement From FloodingPatch up your foundation. One of the biggest sources of basement flooding and water damage is cracks and leaks in your foundation. So, you want to make sure that you find ways to seal the cement around your foundation perimeter. It may even be worth it to call on the professionals, like Buckeye Basement Systems, to do a full analysis and reinforcement of your basement and foundation walls.
  2. Make sure to remove leaves from your rain gutters. The rain gutters that surround your home can be a huge source of basement leaking and flooding. If too many leaves clog your rain gutter, you could have rain pouring – in excess – over the side of your home. Not only will this water enter your home, but it will also enter your basement and cause significant damage. So, make sure that you head to your roof and remove all the detritus that has built up in your rain gutters.
  3. Direct spouts away from your basement. This may seem like a simple one, but a serious rainstorm could reposition your spouts towards your basement and towards your foundation. So, you want to walk around the perimeter of your home and turn all the spouts around. When it rains, you want the water to be released away from your home. It may even be smart to install a new channel, so that the water gets released to your street and not your grass, because groundwater can flood your basement too.
  4. Hire a plumber to inspect your pipes. When it comes down to it, your pipes could be a disaster waiting to happen. This is especially the case in the winter, when pipes are particularly vulnerable. To make sure your pipes aren’t about to burst, you want to hire a plumber to inspect your piping. The last thing you want is for a water main to burst inside your home and cause catastrophic water damage in your basement.
  5. Seal windows on your basement level. Another great way to prevent basement flooding is to reseal the windows around your basement. This is a simple and easy fix that doesn’t require too much effort. All you need is to re-caulk the window frame. If there are any bigger issues with your windows, you may want to install new ones. If you live in an area that gets particularly flooded, having your windows rebuilt could be vital to preventing floods.

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