5 Easy Spring Home Decorating Ideas

It’s starting to feel less chilly now, and many have already started shedding their heavy winter jackets. No doubt about it, spring is just around the corner! You’ll once again be able to enjoy the outdoors without the danger of your poor frozen fingers falling off. To celebrate the coming of spring, why not give your home a little makeover and cast the drab wintry hues aside? Here are five easy-to-do home decorating ideas to brighten up your home for a refreshing new look for spring…

Use vibrant colours and energetic patterns on your walls

Spring is a great time for bright colours. Since a total paint job or wallpapering takes a lot of time and money, not to mention serious commitment, art decals are the next best thing. If you already like the colour of your wall, you can choose easy-to-apply decals in a single complementary colour. There are also patterned wall decals in vibrant colours and botanical designs to breathe new life into your bedroom or hall.

Place springtime motifs around the house

Bring spring indoors by arranging fresh flowers in simple ceramic or glass vases and placing them on tables and windowsills. Another great idea is to arrange blossoming or leafy branches into a vase. Place it on top of a shelf or a tall piece of furniture to create the illusion of a tree. Having all those greens and flowers around can instantly cheer up a room for spring.

Add points of interest with accessories

Dark corners and blank walls don’t mix with spring, do away with these by using accessories. There are many lovely spring accessories that add colour and interest to a room. Aside from using fresh blooms, you can also create a lively springtime feel with patterned rugs, cushions, wooden frames, wind chimes, quirky animal figurines, vibrantly-coloured glass bottles, and other knick-knacks you can find around the house and in your favourite flea market.

Brighten up with lovely fabrics

After storing your winter clothes in the deepest part of your wardrobe, go to your closet and bring out those brightly-coloured fabrics you’ve been storing and use them to add a splash of colour to your home. You can also visit fabric stores and choose colours and patterns that go well with your colour scheme. A little sewing is one of the easiest ways to infuse the brightness of spring into your home. Change your bedding and curtains and drape a soft patterned fabric over your sofa for the perfect touch.

Breathe new life into furniture

A quick repaint and varnish can breathe new life into old tables, chairs, and other furniture. Bed frames can take on a whole new character, making you feel like you’ve got a new bed. Come to think of it, spring gives you the opportunity to replace your musty old mattress with a new one from Divan Beds Centre. While you’re minding the furniture, why not do some rearranging around the house? It is, after all, also the right time of year for a spring clean.

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