5 Easy Home Interior Upgrades

Whether you’ve lived in your house for five years or 25 years, when it comes to its interior decor, there are going to be times when you’ll find yourself wanting to switching things up a bit. But we can totally understand if your budget is preventing you from doing any kind of major projects like putting new cabinets in your kitchen or putting down hardwood floors.

Home Interior UpgradesStill, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some easy and affordable home interior upgrades that you can make. If you’d like a few ideas to get your imagination going, we have provided you with five of them below:

Paint your walls (or even your ceiling). Something that you can do that is cheap and extremely effective is change the color of your walls. Perhaps paint the walls in your bedroom a nice earth tone or change your bathroom to a soothing blue. Or, you could paint an orange accent wall in your home office or perhaps paint the ceiling in your living room a shade of green. If you do decide to paint, just make sure that you use an eco-friendly brand like Yolo Colorhouse or Benajmin Moore Natura. They are low VOC paints that have far less fumes.

Add some new lighting fixtures. Do you want to make the rooms in your house a bit brighter? If so, how about changing some of your lighting fixtures? You can do something dramatic like hang a chandelier in your bathroom or put a ceiling fan in your master bedroom; that way, you can have lots of light and remain cool in the process.

Change your doorknobs. Some of the most beautiful homes look that way because of all of the detailing that is involved. Take your doors, for example. Although you could paint them a bright color or replace a couple of your doors for French or glass ones, something that you can do that is less expensive is change your doorknobs. Porcelain or brass ones will give your house a vintage feel while glass ones will help to make your home simply elegant.

Upgrade your window treatments. If you’ve recently done an upgrade that is a bit pricey like an HVAC or furnace replacement , we can totally understand why you’re probably looking for a recommendation that is under $100. Well, guess what? There is one. If you go to a store like Target or even Wal-Mart, you can find some new curtains or blinds. Or you can go to a home improvement store to pick up some Roman blinds. And the great thing about window treatments is that they are easy to put up. In just a matter of minutes, the rooms in your house can look totally different.

Get creative with your storage space. If you have clutter in your house and you don’t have a lot of room, there are some creative things that you can do when it comes to storage space. You can purchase a couple of ottomans. You can build a vertical shelf. Or, you can even take off your closet doors and replace them with a curtain. It’s a really cute look, plus you won’t have to worry about needing room to open the doors to get what you need. For more information on creative ways to add more storage space to your home, visit Apartment Therapy and put “storage space lessons” in the search field

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