Tips to Help You Move Home with Pets

There is lots of advice out there to help people move home in a less stressful way. Hundreds of tips exist to help you find the best Washington DC movers, what to look for in packaging materials and how to find the best new utility services in your next home. But what about your pets? Only very little information is out there on how to make a pet move go by safely. Let’s change that!


A dog is man’s best friend and they usually find it quite easy to move as they are so loyal to their owner. So long as you move with them, they will be fine. However, they can get in the way of the actual move, so perhaps you could ask a friend to look after the dog while you get the heavy lifting done. Remember that dogs are territorial and they may find it difficult to see things being taken out of their home. Settling is usually quite quick, although you may not want to leave them alone for a few weeks to prevent them from marking their new territory.


Cats are different. They have no loyalty to anyone and go where they are fed and comfortable. Cats like order as well. They know where the best spots for everything are. So, once they move, they can get a little bit difficult about things. Usually, you will need to make sure your cat is kept indoors for at least a few weeks, so that they start to associate their new home with their territory. If you move quite close to your old home, there is a chance your cat will simply go back. As with the dog, try to keep the cat out of the way during the actual move.

Caged Animals

Caged animals are the easiest of all to move. Simply pick up their cage and put it back somewhere else. While you’re there, however, make sure you give the cage a really good clean inside and out. Give your pet some new bedding and clean, fresh water and food. If you have a caged animal that likes a certain toy, then make sure this goes with them unwashed. The smell may help calm any nerves they do feel down. One important word of warning: do not put a caged animal inside a moving truck. You would be surprised at how often people do that, even if there is a period of time between moving out of one property and into a next one.

As you can see, moving home with pets isn’t all that complicated. It is about having a bit of consideration for your animal friends, and making sure they are safe at all times. And remember, while the debate on whether animals have feelings or not rages on, as a pet owner you will know that your animals certainly do feel worry – the same as you do when you’re moving home. So give them that extra cuddle, stroke or biscuit.

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