The Top Five Expert Reports You should Expect when Selling or Renting Out Your Property

When you’re selling or renting out property, you’re bound to require the services of a surveyor – and these professionals are often placed in the wrong light as they have the tendency to recommend other people to do part of the job. It can be frustrating, and you may think the surveyor is simply taking advantage of the situation to further his or her own agenda. The truth is, several reports are often required – reports by experts in the field – and your surveyor is probably doing the right thing by acquiring help. It’s important to understand exactly what the surveyor does, and what he or she is responsible for. Here are the top five expert reports you should expect when selling or renting out your property.

Damp and timber

If you’ve ever had a lot of wood and timber on your property, you know that it’s alive – and it stays alive. It creaks, bends, and expands with the seasons. Another aspect of wood and timber is that it deteriorates if it is exposed to a lot to damp and poor ventilation – and this poses a health and safety problem. This is why it’s important to acquire the right timber and damp reports.

Electrical network

Nothing is more dangerous than a faulty electrical system, and although your electrical system may work perfectly, you should still have it certified and attested, especially if there have been do-it-yourself projects that have not been examined and reported on yet.

Central heating

Similar to the electrical network, the central heating system must be examined to the detail as there are areas which most certainly need to be assessed and tested, especially if the system is already a few years old.

The roof

This is required if the roof hasn’t been inspected in a while, or if it is difficult to get a visual of the roof from a certain point of view.

The structural specialist’s report

Most surveyors have studied older structures and will not necessarily alarm you by recommending additional structures to be put in place. However, it is important they get a good visual and that the whole structure is clearly understood.

Considering the strict requirements that are posed on the surveyor, it’s normal for him or her to call in expert help – for two very important reasons. First of all, the surveyor is responsible for making sure everything is safe, and since he or she cannot be considered an expert in all of those required fields, it’s wise to consult an expert. It’s about ensuring quality. Secondly, your surveyor wants to be sure nothing is missed, so it’s also a matter of avoiding problems in the long term. It’s important for you to get these expert reports Why not check out DBI for your damp and timber survey.

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