Solving Water Efficiency Problems with Mobile Apps

It seems like everywhere we turn, there are new apps springing up to address home improvement issues big and small. For example, you can use apps as levelers and inclinometers, since many modern smartphones have built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes. However, many app developers are taking it to a new level, helping you monitor water efficiency, usage, and risk through a few handy apps.

Water Meter Readings

What if you could preemptively predict your upcoming water bill? Apps like Water Buddy help you monitor your current water meter readings, arranging these stats in a handy visualization graph. This allows you to remain cognizant of high use trends. If you cannot find the reason behind a high consumption level, then you can begin investigating your plumbing system for leaks and other efficiency problems. Having access to your water meter can help you jump the gun on repairs, so that you’re not reacting to issues after receiving a huge bill or after a small problem grows.

Timing is critical when it comes to preventing water waste and water damage. Your water meter reading can provide you with a clear indicator that something is wrong. Being able to visualize this data in the form of graphs can also paint a clear picture of your long and short-term consumption. You can also use these graphs to track expected water usage, with rates spiking in the summer when you are drinking more water, taking more frequent showers, and hydrating your home plants.

Water Waste

Apps like Drip Detective were created to inform homeowners about the massive expense of needless water waste. Do you have a faucet that drips occasionally or a toilet that seems to run for a bit too long? You might be surprised by how much these tiny expenditures are actually costing you. The Drip Detective app can help you get a clear sense of your daily, monthly, and annual costs associated with tiny home issues, like a leaky faucet. These expenses can really help motivate you to take action now and repair those pesky nuisances. Water waste apps can help you break out of complacency when it comes to minor issues. These can quickly build up to cause you major plumbing headaches and expenses down the road.

Water Conservation Education

How do you teach your children about better water usage, water waste, and resource conservation? There are educational tools, such as Erika Knows Green: Water Conservation by StoryBoy, which can teach your children how to save water with a fun, interactive approach. Erika Knows Green is a storybook app for iOS devices that can appeal to kids of all ages. You can enable the “auto-read” feature so that children can hear the lessons out loud, if they are too young to follow along on their own. All of the text is printed in clear, large print for those just starting to read. These interactive books often come with funny illustrations, helping children to remember water conservation messages.

Sit down with your child and look through mobile app stores to explore other fun water conservation apps, such as water quizzes and flashcard sets. There’s no reason why the educational journey shouldn’t be exciting and interactive. And your child’s heightened awareness can reduce poor water habits and along with your next water bill.

Flood Awareness

Believe it or not, there are actually home automation apps that will let you check water levels in your home. These apps work in conjunction with water meters, which are installed in your home near the floor. They can sense moisture and water above certain levels then alert you about a home flood before it can get worse. These sensors can even be attached to emergency switch systems, which turn off water flow immediately. Mobile devices allow you to track these threats even while you’re not at home, so that you can take early action against floods and high moisture levels.

Check with your home security providers and your water sensor manufacturers to see if there are compatible apps that will link with this hardware. There are some stand alone apps, such as FloodWatch, that can help you keep an eye on local news for flood threats, like tropical storms, rising water levels, and other natural threats.

Mobile apps are increasing our reach, allowing us to make better water consumption and repair decisions earlier. It can be easy for us to turn a blind eye toward our water usage and issues, since we don’t have constant access to these metrics normally. It is crucial for homeowners to check out these apps, if you’re serious about saving on water, learning about conservation tactics, and addressing potential risks.

Here is an infographic about water damage and its effects.


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