Keep Your Energy Bills in Check with Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is attractive, durable and cost effective way to help keep energy costs down during all seasons. It originally gained popularity as a more affordable alternative to wood siding, and homeowners who choose it appreciate its easy installation, minimal maintenance, durability, low cost and wide variety of available styles and colors.

Siding made of aluminum can last the lifetime of a home, and also has the benefit of being almost completely recyclable. It has similar energy savings to vinyl, but costs less overall, which means it’s friendlier to your budget for the life of the siding. To ensure your siding is the most energy efficient, your home needs to have proper insulation and sealing against heat loss or gain. A good home repair professional will be able to determine if that’s the case for you – if you live in the Greater Toronto Area visit to be put in contact with the kind of expert you need for that kind of consultation.sliding door

Weather conditions have minimal effect on aluminum, and as a material it also doesn’t absorb moisture that can encourage the growth of the fungus or mold that can get pose health hazards to those living within the home. Unlike wood or other kinds of siding, it’s also not welcoming to insects, and doesn’t require the regular pest spraying other sidings do to prevent nests and damage. In fact, with proper maintenance, you’ll discover your siding extremely durable and can last for 40+ years. If the siding experiences damage from corrosion or scratching, it’s easy to fix with simple sanding and painting of the flawed area. Although dents in house siding can occur, they’re generally easy to repair. And in case of a badly damaged area, replacing the an entire section is a relatively cost-effective solution.

Unlike other types of siding such as wood, aluminum house siding is very affordable, owing to the fact that bauxite (where it comes from) is the most bountiful and malleable metal available. Other types of siding can cost up to eighty percent more, and require installation that is much more involved and time consuming. By contrast, installing aluminum house siding, done by professionals such as those at Tip Top Trough, is usually achievable in a day and is relatively inexpensive.

Vinyl siding can’t be painted, but aluminum house siding accepts paint readily. Painting is a simple way to update a home’s exterior appearance without having to remove all of the siding and replace it. According to Tom Silva from This Old House, aluminum siding typical needs less maintenance than other types of siding, which is great for any time- or budget-minded homeowner. When it’s painted, it retains paint effectively and doesn’t require frequent repainting, unlike other materials. That’s just one of the many reasons it could be a great fit for your home!

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