How you can renovate your home for cheap this year!

This article shall help you to make a few changes on your home without having to spend too much money. No matter how much money you’re willing to spend we have collected some solutions to create the home you want. Whether you’re just looking to liven up your living room with a fresh lick of paint, or even just add a new skylight to your room! Below is a list of a few brilliant ways you can revamp your home with having to pay a hefty price tag.

Bathroom tiles

Getting rid of your old bathroom tiles and electing to just go for a high gloss plastic alternative instead will make your bathroom feel just like it’s new. High gloss panels are available at very reasonable prices these days. These cheaper high gloss panels are available in a variety of different colours, this means you can remodel your bathroom and design it to be any way you like!

DIY furniture
Reupholstering furniture such as sofas, armchairs or even cushions can be a relatively low-cost home improvement. Chose some nice fabric and do it yourself even. There are many tutorials online which can help you figure it out! You’ll feel super accomplished and can proudly show off your new DIY furniture to all your friends.

Kitchen splashback

Instead of going for an old style glass splashback, you can always opt to have an acrylic one in your kitchen instead. Not only are these new acrylic splashbacks far less expensive than traditional glass acrylic is roughly 17 times stronger than glass meaning it won’t break from the day to day rough and tumble that can occur in a family kitchen environment. Simply plastics have a wide selection of styles, colours and the best thing about an acrylic splashback is they can be cut to any size you please!

New front door

Putting on a new front door or simply just painting your front door will instantly give your house a facelift.! If you’re getting a new door yoy can choose stunning modern or elegant classic designs it’s a great way to update your home without worrying about breaking the bank. If you can’t afford the costs involved with buying new door or just don’t want the hassel, you can always just give your door a lick of fresh paint instead!

New curtains

A new set of curtains will instantly brighten your room. Adding curtains to a room can create the illusion of your home having high ceilings. This is a desirable look, who doesn’t want high ceilings? You can achieve this look through strategically placing your curtain rods higher than your actual windows.

A skylight to a loft room

Loft rooms can sometimes seem cramped due to the low ceilings, which are present in the attic rooms. Adding a skylight will automatically open the room and encourage an increase of natural light making the room appear more spacious. If your budget extends this far it’s a great option for any home renovation.

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