5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Furniture for Your Master Bedroom

When it comes to selecting furniture, you might not want to put in too much time or effort. As long as the couch is comfortable and the dining room table is big enough to seat everyone in your household, you may not fret unduly over details like the materials, the size of the piece, how it fits in your home, or whether it matches your other decor. So long as the price is right, you’re happy. But if you’ve decided that you’re tired of your home looking like a college bachelor pad, you might be keen to start selecting pieces that suit your space, reflect your personal style, and help to make your decor look cohesive and planned. Here are just a few things you may want to consider, then, before you start purchasing pieces to outfit your master bedroom.

  1. Master BedroomYour floor plan. It is absolutely essential that you know how much space you have to work with, unless you relish the thought of buying and hauling furniture home only to discover that it’s too big for your bedroom or that it won’t fit the dimensions. You’ll want to take precise measurements, for starters, and it’s probably a good idea to create a basic map of your space, as well, so that you can get a visual of where items will go in the room while you’re out shopping. You might also want to measure door frames, hallways, and staircases to make sure that you can navigate large pieces through the openings that lead to your bedroom.
  2. Furniture size. This is important not only for fit, but also for the function and flow of your space. Just because you can fit a king size bed, two dressers, and an armoire in your bedroom doesn’t mean you’ll still have enough floor space to move around, so you definitely need to consider not only if furniture will fit in your bedroom, but if you’ll have any free space left over. Generally speaking, a minimum of two feet all the way around your furniture will leave enough room to comfortably get by. So pick your furniture size accordingly if you want to avoid feeling cramped.
  3. Style. This can be a difficult factor to address for a couple of reasons. It’s probably a good idea to go for furnishings that work well with the style of your home, although advances in the world of design have given you a lot more options on this score. But if you plan to have this furniture for years, it could go with you from one house to the next. How can you find pieces that will fit in, say, a Victorian today and a midcentury modern house tomorrow? The best bet for this scenario is to go with something simple and timeless. However, you also need to consider your personal sense of style. And your conflicting goals can be hard to reconcile. You might want to try a classic feel for furniture and then add personality through the use of eclectic accessories.
  4. Function. While you certainly realize that a bed needs to be comfortable and a dresser needs to hold all your clothing, you should be aware of the fact that your furniture can have multiple functions. For example, your bed may have built-in storage underneath, or you can at least opt for a taller frame that allows you to stash storage bins for shoes or extra linens. And your clothing storage could be part of a larger setup that includes a space for an entertainment center. Some furnishings even come with lighting options to spare you the trouble of added lamps. These are all things to consider before you start making purchases.
  5. Handy apps. When it comes to shopping these days, you’ll find that there are all kinds of useful, mobile applications to help you out. And there are a couple of good ones for furniture shopping, in particular. Houzz can help you to find inspiration with gorgeous pics of designer rooms, while Mark on Call gives you the tools you need to plan your layout and see what your room will look like when you’re finished. By the time you’re done decorating, your bedroom will look like Stash Inc. , full of all your favorite pieces, squirreled away in a cozy hiding place. And with mobile apps at your disposal, getting it right can be easy as pecan pie.

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