3 intriguing tips to improve your castle

Your home is your castle, albeit a dinky one with a garage and ventilation problems. And unlike a castle in medieval times, you’ve got an entire internet’s worth of interior design ideas at your fingertips.

If there’s one thing that was great about castles back in the olden days it’s that they spared no expense when it came to looking lavish. Admittedly, the medieval conception of lavish involved pigs on a spit roast, but your home should still aspire to those luxurious heights – in spirit, if not style.

So we’ve been racking our brains to come up with a few ways to improve your castle – take a look.

A fantastic flooring solution

Have a look at that carefully stitched new carpet – you won’t ever see it looking that good again.

Your kids will traipse over it with muddy trainers; your pets will shed on it during the summer; and your mates will spill red wine stains on it with the clumsiness of a Harold Lloyd sketch.

A saviour of your fine carpets does, however, exist – and it comes in the shape of a fine mat.

One long runner mat in your hallway, for instance, will shield your carpet from any and all nasty stains or wear and tear. Being fully machine washable, your mats can last for aeons before they’re replaced.

Pretty patterns

Your walls don’t solely exist to hold up your house – with a fine design they could brighten your day.

But the fashion of patterns can change more quickly than a weathercock in a windstorm. Just take a look at some old photos of yourself. The interiors in the background probably look Stone Age, let alone medieval.

So how can you ensure you’re in fashion? For starters, contact a high-quality interior designer to see how you can find a pattern that’ll match your furniture and look hyper-modern. With their collaboration every room in your house will look glamorous – and up-to-date.

Big up to culture

There’s something to be said about high culture – while you might cherish your The Only Way is Essex DVD box set, will it look as aesthetically pleasing as a decent stockpile of good books.

For a dash of sophistication, invest in a reasonably priced bookshelf and cram it full of the old classics – Shakespeare, Marlowe, Dickens and the like.

Add in a few ornaments to the shelf to further enhance its class. With a new pile of hardbacks for your guests to peruse, you’ll be sure to impress. Who knows – you might even enjoy giving them a good read.

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